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How to manage endless lists in event planning

Posted on: May 29th, 2014 by Nia Mack No Comments

how-to-manage-endless-listsThe job of an event planner is nothing more than being able to carefully manage endless lists. With that, comes stress, anxiety and sometimes a lack of sleep.  Yet crossing off a completed task, makes managing endless lists worth it.  That is my “I feel so accomplished” moment.

Tips on how to manage endless lists in event planning:

  1. Write every task out and then prioritize.
  2. Write the top 10 items on bright colored paper. Do not write on the back. Starting with 10 tasks can help ease anxiety and is more manageable.
  3. Focus on one item at a time, crossing them off as you complete each task.
  4. Follow this process until all tasks are finished.
  5. Treat yourself at each set of 10 tasks completed. This helps you relax before moving on.

Please keep in mind:

  • Endless lists don’t end with an event, they end with thank you
  • Be flexible and stay calm
  • Remember to not take yourself or the event too seriously, because nothing in life is perfect

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